IMIS Program


Fall and Spring Semesters

Students in the Fall and Spring semester take five 3-hour credit courses, two required courses in Intensive Modern Standard Arabic, and three elective courses chosen from:

  • Colloquial Arabic (Darija)
  • Moroccan Area Studies
  • Regular IIHEM academic courses

Summer Session

Students in the four week Summer Session will take two 3-hour credit courses, a required course in Intensive Modern Standard Arabic and an elective course chosen from one of the three elective areas listed above.

Special sessions in Darija practice will also be given.

Academic Excursions

Integrated into the IMIS program will be three excursions (two excursions for the Summer Semester) that serve to capture the main historical and cultural aspects of Morocco.

These excursions will include the cities Fes and Marrakech, and one of the cities of Tangier, Tetouan, Chefchaouen, Zagora or Merzouga.

Moroccan Area Studies

The course "Introduction to Moroccan History and Culture" is a core requirement in this area. Other courses that are available are:

  • The Economic and Business Environment in Morocco
  • Introduction to Moroccan History and Culture
  • Introduction to Arabic Culture
  • Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
  • History of Morocco
  • Contemporary Moroccan Society and Culture
  • Islamic Art

With the exception of The Economic and Business Environment of Morocco, not all courses will be available every semester.

IIHEM Courses

Students can choose to attend one or more of the regularly scheduled IIHEM courses (in economics, business, computer literacy, etc.) within the limit of the semester course load.

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