Moroccan Area Studies

Introduction to Arabic Culture

Course Description

This course first offers a general mosaic survey of the linguistic, geographical, historical, social, ethnical, religious and cultural characteristics of the Arab World. It explores those elements that unify this vast geographical area called the Arab World with its diversities and define a singular, monolithic Arab culture.

The course provides also an analysis of the various ways in which Arabs themselves perceive, appreciate, and critique their own societies.

Finally the course intends to increase students' sensitivity to racial bias and sharpen awareness of multicultural issues, providing them with a realistic view of the cultural contours of the modern Arab World and the richness of the Arab cultural heritage.

The course includes several debate sessions on themes such as:

  • diversity issues (Islam and other religions, ethnic groups, and more),
  • conflicts in the Arab World,
  • the Arab experience in the U.S.,
  • other topics suggested by the students.
Course Objectives

On completion of this course the students will be able to:

  • provide an overview of the diversity and the richness of the Arab cultural heritage,
  • understand the internal perception of the Arab society constraints and traditions,
  • participate in debates on multicultural issues.