Moroccan Colloquial Arabic

MCA100 Moroccan Colloquial Arabic

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Course Description

This course is taught simultaneously with the Standard Arabic Courses. It is meant to familiarize the students with the Arabic variety spoken in Morocco.

Although the course takes the form of informal conversation classes in which the students are encouraged to understand and speak Moroccan Arabic used in everyday life, it follows nonetheless a structural and topical progression.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course the students will be able to use Moroccan Arabic to:

  • Describe themselves and other people,
  • To start and sustain a conversation in various practical situations:
    • Shopping and bargaining
    • Family and home
    • Asking for and giving directions
    • Narrating a story
    • Understanding and speaking about daily routines
    • Health problems and medicine
    • Traveling : getting bus/train tickets etc.
Course Materials
  • Materials prepared by IIHEM Arabic faculty.